1. One and One

From the recording One and One

Originally written in the proverbial late '60's of the 20th century while I was playing with Johnny Star.  This song was written in honor of Albert Einstein.  We always play it on his birthday.


One and One
Some people say it ain’t no good
The way tolerance is on the loose.
Other people in the neighborhood say
Communicatin' ain’t no use.
Brown is black and I’m on my back lookin for a hit parade.
Still when the shit comes down you gotta move along
And get ready for another day.
Lord, they told me about the streets of heaven,
Told me they were paved with gold.
The only heaven that I ever knew was about 22 years old.
Oh Babe it’s gonna be all right,
Things are gonna work out fine.
You see, brother Albert’s relative and feeling blue,
Cuz one and one has got to be true.
Oh Children don’t follow me,
I have stumbled here on my own.
Just go to where you want to be,
And remember you are not alone.