From the recording Try Imagination


Try Imagination
I was out there on my own
I was cold and felt alone.
Searching for the answers to all my prayers
One night in fitful sleep
I drifted off where dreams go deep
And in that darkest night
I swear I saw the light.
I’ m gonna have to use my imagination
If I’m gonna make it happen in this world.
And if I get a little bit of luck
And your precious love
I know I’m gonna make it happen in this world.
Try Imagination….
Find it in yourself. Take it off the shelf.
What you are starts with the things that you do.
Your dreams are up to you.
Maybe we should try imagination…..
Maybe we should dream, maybe we should dream deep;
Go into the night, Honey I just can’t sleep.
Something here inside says I’m gonna have to try
And use imagination.
You know, it doesn’t hurt to have an education
If you wanna use your imagination.
A little bit of self determination will see you through.
And you know you’ve got to get back on your feet
And then imaginate….imaginate and take it out...
Try imagination…