1. Talk to Me

From the recording Talk to Me

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Talk to Me...
If something's on your mind
Well you can talk with me.
Sometimes it's hard to find 
     That perfect harmony.
Maybe I can help, you can talk to me...

Look through history...
You do your best and hope 
You finally reach your dreams,
And if you're lucky you'll find someone
Who knows what you mean
When you feel like talking crazy...
       You could talk with me.
The TV , the movies, and the magazines
Say we haven't got much of a chance.
Statistics show that staying together
       Is tough these days.
All right, it's a modern world
       And it's changing 
But the one thing you're still gonna need
Is that someone you can count on definitely...

Talk with me.
If something's on your mind
You can talk with me.
Sometimes it's hard to find that perfect harmony.
But I know we can make it 
Honey if you talk with me...