1. Plutonium

From the recording Plutonium


Man it’s hard to breathe in here.
I wonder if we have any of those air bottles left?
I don’t believe this Ed, we’re lucky to be alive.
“Oh I know man……What happened”
Well, I met this girl out dancing the other night,
Oh she was great, man. And we were dancing and she’s nice and getting warm to me
And the next thing I know she’s whispering in my ear
Well now we’re talking bout plutonium…
She drove me over to the nuclear plant and told me to wait in the car… so I did.
And I’m waiting…and I’m waiting…
All of a sudden she comes creeping out,
She’s got this glow about her.  OHHH she looks great!
But something’s not quite right!
I’m not really sure about what’s going on, you know what I mean?
Oh babe, well you’re the one that I have waited for
With your long hair blowing, and Honey I know just where you’re going!
So come to me, with that plutonium. come to me with that plutonium!
Ah come on now.  Bring it over here n ow.
What”?  You say you feel like dancing?
Ow!  Baby watch out!  That’s hot stuff!