This song © Al Millan  All rights are reserved.
From the "Soul Protection" album by Al and The Robots


Hell to Pay
Do you believe in Heaven?
Well I guess I never did for a long time either.
One time I kind of overdid it,
Got myself out over the edge
Next thing I knew I was looking right up at St. Peter.
I’d always heard about Gabriel and his trumpet
But I didn’t know that St. Peter
Played the saxophone.
I took a look at St. Peter and I realized
That he and I used to play in a band together
Down in California.
He recognized me and we started talking
About old times and things we used to do
And even though it was kind of nice up there
In Heaven and all
I guess I wasn’t really quite ready for it,
If you know what I mean.
So all the while I’m trying to get Peter
To send me back to earth on a mission of some kind
And I bring up this girl he used go out with,
A sweet thing, she was a bus driver named Maria.
Ah, his face broke out in a smile and said
OK Al I’m gonna send you back  
But you gotta promise me one thing.
If you see Maria, you tell her
St. Peter says “hey.”
It was miles away in another state
I was laying there at the pearly gates.
I saw a ghost of mine get up and walk away
And I knew right then I would want to stay…
St. Peter said
“Son, are you ready to go?”
I was damn near dead
And I said, “Hell no!”
And I heard him say as he turned to walk away,
“Son, if you want to stay,
There’s gonna be hell to pay.
There will be hell to pay.”
The light came down, I was on my way.
The light came down and I was on my way…
Well, I busted out of heaven, I was out on the road.
Glad to be alive and taking that load.
I’ve got one foot stuck in heaven, another stuck in hell.
I’m gonna do my best, I’m gonna do it well.
Oh destiny, can you tell me now?
Tell me when you’re gonna come again.
O destiny, can you tell me when,
Tell me when you’re gonna come again.
When the light comes down, I’ll be on my way….
Well being a musician, you know,
I'll be coming home late at night a lot of times.
This one particular night out on the highway
Fate finally took a hand.
You see, the devil thought he had me out on Interstate 5.
I’d been drinking too much and well I was too drunk to drive.
But I was driving anyway.
I seen this school bus full of children, they was off on my right
And all of a sudden along comes this big old semi-truck!
It's coming down this hill
And it's heading right for those kids...
It's heading right for them in the night!
 Oh, destiny! 
Can you tell me now,
Tell me when you’re gonna come again…
Then it hit me like a thunderbolt.
That was Maria driving that bus
And all of a sudden I thought I heard
St. Peter blowing his saxophone in my ear. 
And then it got real clear
If there was anyone that could save those kids,
It was me that could.
I said “Sweet Maria, St.Peter says ‘Hey’.”
I hit that truck and I was gone for good.
And the light came down
I was on my way... 
Saxophones..."Professor" Trent Kramazs
Bass...Gary Steinmann
Drums...Joe Rizzi
Guitars, Vocals...Al
(c)Al Millan All Rights Reserved. Published by Ellie Mae Music