1. Angel of Light

From the recording Angel of Light

Based on a true experience and recorded by the fireplace near the hot tub in a house in the redwoods of Loma Mar California.  Bobby Flamingo plays congas.


It was late last week on a starless night
I got a call from a friend, he said 
"Hey can you come out to my place?
I got something i want you to see."
And when i got to his place i could tell he was spaced
so we hurried out back 
and it seemed like the whole sky was burning,
like an angel of light had appeared.
He said, "John do you think she knows what we're thinking?
Should we say anything or should we just stay quiet and stare?"
Well, i didn't know what to say
I was totally blown away
but I sure felt like dancing...
I started dancing her way..
and music drifted down from somewhere above 
and it filled with feelings of unrestrained love
and it moved me.
You see, i'm not usually that way.
I thought, "Oh John, do you think she knows what i'm feeling?
Maybe she's been waiting all this time..."
But nobody told her she should stay there.
Nobody said anything.
Just stayed cool like some crazy fool with his face on
And never turned your head to the Angel of Love...
Well we found her there in the morning
Like sadness without any warning
I knew that my life was not through.
Cuz after dancing all night in her own special light
There came a moment in time when i knew it was mine
and a new day was dawning
In the light that was now in my eyes. 
I thought, "Hey John, do you think you can go on without her?
Or maybe she'l meet you somewhere down the line..."
But nobody told her  she should stay there.
Nobody said anything at all.
You just stayed cool like some crazy fool
With his face on...
Never turned an eye to the Angel of Love."

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